Whit Stitches

Seamstress, teacher,

mender, fixer and lover of sewing


Bridal jewelry clutch. Pattern and hand sewing by WhitStitches

Handmade by WhitStitches. Sandra Purse by Swoon Patterns

Altered overly large euro shams to fit smaller pillow

Custom Pillow with knife pleat edge

Lola Purse by Swoon Patterns. Herringbone heavy weight fabric with vinyl trim. Handmade by WhitStitches One for me. One for my step mom.


Closeup of zipper topstitching on vinyl. Lola Purse by Swoon Patterns


Twin Professional Totes for twin teachers. Bag pattern by Creative Thimble handmade by WhitStitches


Handmade by WhitStitches. Patterns by various designers


Toddler backpack. Pattern by I Think Sew


Bridal Set. Purse and Jewelry Clutch


Bridal Jewelry Clutch Pattern and hand sewing by WhitStitches


Mini Professional Tote customized for diaper bags. Handmade by WhitStitches. Pattern by Creative Thimble


Patterns by various designers.


about me.

Hi.  I'm Whitney.  I've been sewing for 35 years.  In that time I've sewn almost all the Disney Princess costumes, various cartoon/gaming costumes and I've sewn for the costume director at The American School in Japan and where ever else my children participated in theater productions.  I sew purses,  home décor and holiday decorations.  I do mending and alterations for family and friends.  I manage my son's high school marching and concert band uniform department.    I sew tshirt quilts.  I sew clothes and I'm currently in the process of replacing my wardrobe with an entirely me made ensemble.  I am also looking to learn new things and expand my knowledge base to patternmaking and expert fitting for custom made garments.

I love to spread the love of sewing.  I've taught friends, neighbors and school kids the basics of sewing.  I love watching the joy in a person's face when they've made something of their own.

Now with mostly grown kids and a traveling husband I have a lot of sewing time on my hands.  My goal for sewing is to grow my skill every day and enjoy the craft my family has passed down for generations.  I hope to meet others who sew and spread my love of sewing to beginners.